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Five reasons why you need to use rice water more often




Rice water has been used for both hair and skin care for a long time (Shutterstock)

Thanks to YouTube, the popularity of rice water is soaring. Who knew you could grow long hair in no time every time you made a bowl of rice?

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Not a new thing, rice water has been used for both hair and skin care for a long time. It’s a popular natural remedy especially for women in Asia. Due to the benefits and results, people continue to use rice water until today. It remains one of the timeless beauty hacks that is not about to die out any time soon.

You’ve probably come across videos of women with ankle length hair who swear by rice water as their hair care hack. You will find women at  70 still have strong, healthy and shiny hair thanks to rice water treatments.

  1. Protein treatment

Rice naturally has amino acids that give your hair that protein boost. If you’re dealing with weak brittle hair, you should try out the rice water treatments once in a while.

Rice water is so powerful that you instantly get stronger hair even with just one treatment a month. This is a great alternative to the chemical protein treatments sold all over.

  1. Thickness and length retention

So many of us suffer from length retention issues. It really takes a long time before you can see even one inch of new growth. Rice water is an effective way to help your hair retain more length.

Your hair will become thick too. It stimulates hair follicles, which enhances your volume. That combination of long and thick hair can be found in rice water.

  1. Damage repair

It’s totally normal to experience some hair damage. It might be heat damage from too much blow drying and flat ironing, dry hair and split ends or even damage from chemicals. Rice water is able to repair damaged hair and restore it natural shine.

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You can soak the rice for about 30 minutes, strain the water and use (Shutterstock)

Aside from hair care, people have testified of the positive changes they’ve experienced since they started adding rice water to their skin care routines.

  1. Anti-aging

We can’t be young forever of course, but, it’s possible to look younger than you actually are with a good skin care routine. Rice water is a natural anti-aging solution.


It significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by boosting the collagen levels in your skin.

  1. It improves skin conditions

Dealing with conditions like eczema and acne isn’t fun at all. There are many creams and washes that claim to improve your skin when in real sense, they can actually cause more damage.

Try some rice water rinses because it reduces inflammation and irritation caused by these conditions.

You can use rice water for daily cleansing and toning. It also soothes your skin to heal pimples and it acts as a deep moisturizer as well.

There are three main ways to prepare rice water for skin care and hair treatments.

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  • The first method is to rinse the rice and collect the water which you’ll ferment for no less than 24 hours. This is probably the best way to prepare.
  • You can also boil some rice with more water than you’d normally use then collect the water. Dilute the rice water before use and store the rest in the fridge.
  • The third method is to rinse the rice then add some clean water into the container. Let the rice soak for at least 30 minutes before you strain and use.


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