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Forbes 30 under 30, Ogutu Okudo talks personal life and her journey to success




Even in the midst of all these darkness in the world, one Ogutu Okudo has come to light up and motivate Kiss FM’s morning show listeners.

Speaking to Kamene and Kibe, Ogutu has achieved so much at just the age of 29. She was recently featured as the only Kenyan on the top 30 under 30 young Africans list.


Ogutu Okudo is the founder and CEO of Women in Energy and Extractives Africa.

She has known Kamene Goro for years. From their days in high school to date and Kamene vouches that she hasn’t changed a bit.

The first question to the beauty queen was on how it feels to be on the Forbes 30 under 30 because it is not easy to get there.

“It feels good when you’re a woman working in a male-dominated area. I work in the oil industry. It is so surreal I still pinch myself but I wish other Kenyans were there with me.” Ogutu said

She was pretty excited to be on the Morning Kiss saying it is a good way to spend her 29th birthday, away from the house and a place where she can talk to people. She also joked that Kibe has been nice to her so far, so it is a great morning.

Ogutu then broke it down to the listeners on how she made it to the power list.

“It was such a rigorous process. I have to be honest, it was not the first time I applied. I applied in 2018 but missed on the list. You know what’s even worse do not even get an apology letter because they have a lot of applicants. You just see that your not part of the list. But you need rejections to progress in life.

In 2019 I was ready to apply again after seeing my career progression. I put out a good and thorough write up where I talk about everything and sold myself even things that are uncomfortable to talk about. I had to get a clearance from DCI to prove I have no criminal records. I only wish there more Kenyans were with me as well. We as Kenyans need to put ourselves out that.” She narrated

Andrew Kibe threw it out there that with all this brilliance and success, they need to stay single.


This is the problem, you guys are brilliant. Then you will go marry a man and all this will be watered down. So please stay single.

Well just to put it out there, Ogutu Okudo is taken dear men like Kibe who might be thinking, ‘ooh such a wife material’. Her advice to women when it comes to men is point blank, do not settle for less. Something Kamene has also been emphasizing.

“As a woman, it is not easy and people you’ve made fun with my friends saying ‘single forever’. But work on yourself and make sure the guy you decide to pick nourishes you and lifts you up. Do not settle for less because you deserve the best. Stop buying them breaks and lunches.” Ogutu said

Kamene was slapping the table in agreement with this statement.

For Ogutu, she is a strong believer in self-confidence and she credits her success to that, being unapologetically her.

Confidence and self-belief are important in life. You will not have it all every day but you have to look in the mirror and wake up. Fake it till you make. Shut it all out, all the negative things people say about you. As I turn 29 I told myself I am not apologetic for being myself and seeking what I want


Ogutu mentioned that what makes her sane is meditation and self-motivation exercise daily. She is not really big on mentors but she is motivated by the way Wangari Maathai handled things unapologetically.

On mentors, she said that the one person you should look up to is you.

Most importantly I look at my past and there are days I could have said I can’t do this anymore but I went on and conquered my fears. You do not really need mentors just know yourself.

Kamene spoke on behalf of many youths because she interacts a lot with them saying that we get to the point of giving up so fast.

They then went back memory lane to the days in high school.

“Since high school her resolve, confidence has not changed. Debate she was the last one to speak because she was just going to close it and leave people in silence.” Kamene said

Ogutu Okudo said to be where she is now, she needed to make some sacrifices.

The one thing is to be so true to myself. I had realized that certain relationships were negating me and it is even guys you love so much. You need to protect your energy because if someone feeds negative in your life, you will even sleep thinking about it. I had to make sure everything and everyone around me are all positive vibes. Now I have friends who are just about building and nurturing and not something that is draining, Be true to yourself.

Kamene learned this last year when she needed to make changes on who she associates herself with because she has a job that she needs to kick start people’s morning so with negative vibes it’s hard. Fake friends came her way and she thought they are all about love but she needed to make a few changes because they want to ride along and not help get to that place.

Lastly, Kamene asked Ogutu on what she would tell herself 10 years ago or what she would tell someone who is 10 years younger than her on navigating these streets.

It is okay honey, you got this. Keep believing in yourself you got this. Dream big because you shape your self. Confidence will not come easy but you need to know got this. Make a vision board and speak into existence what you want to achieve.

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