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Four killed in Migori after attack on police station



Four killed in Migori after attack on police station

Police in Migori shot dead four people who attempted to invade a police station on Thursday evening.

The four were said to be in a convoy that was escorting the body of Mr Moses Mwangi from the mortuary but they turned riotous and stormed Isebania Police Station, demanding answers for the recent spike of insecurity in the region.

They attacked the station with a pickup full of stones, which they used to destroy property there.

According to a police report, the mob armed with pangas and machetes, started smashing window panes at the station’s armoury and other offices.

They then proceeded to break down the cell doors with the intention of freeing those who had been arrested.

Live ammunition

When the police officers saw that they were being overpowered, they opened fire using live ammunition to scare away the rioters who were targeting to steal firearms.

“They started destroying the gates of the cells demanding the release of all those in custody. After overrunning the officers running the report office, armoury and cells, the officers defended the station’s armoury and prevent the forceful rescue of prisoners in custody and theft of firearms by use of live ammunition,” read part of the police report.

This led to the four being killed on the spot.

Seeing what had happened, the crowd became angry and started engaging the police in running battles.

The officers were forced to lob teargas to disperse them.

One officer who was manning the armoury sustained eye and other body injuries during the incident.

The four unidentified bodies were taken to St Akidiva Mindira Mabera Hospital.

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