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“From one dreamer to another” fan single-handedly pens a letter to Betty Kyallo in admiration [photo]




Betty Kyallo has defied the odds in the controversial scene of Kenyan media. Hoping from one station to the other but still conquering the art like she was born for it.

She walked out of KTN and we thought that was the end of her because we’ve always associated her with the ‘Friday Briefing’.

Betty Kyallo at her former media station, KTN while hosting “The Friday Briefing” news bulletin with Willis the Word Master

We were not sure whether she would settle like she did in her mother home, KTN. But well, yes, she did and actually, has brought out a better version of herself that we never thought existed.

Let’s be honest, the TV siren is just good at what she does, it makes her who she is. She got creative and bam! unleashed ‘The Weekend with Betty’ on K24.

To say the least, the rest is history. Individuals from all walks of life, she brings them all together and allows them the chance to share their life story, first hand.

Nothing captures the hearts of viewers and listeners like real-life situations, one you can effortlessly relate with and picture it all going down.

The young mother of 1 has been an inspiration to many and fans have not shied away from expressing that to her, time and again.


So this time, a fan-cum-secret admirer, identified as Joshua Jerry literally sat down and typed a letter to the K24 journalist in regard to her skill in the media industry.


Nothing to hide, inclusive of his address, cell number, email and even what he does for a living. He has laid it all bare.

Addressing Betty, Jerry revealed that the letter was intended to appreciate the great work she has been doing for the greater good.

He is touched because as a poet, he writes books to serve humanity and highlight key issues in society through vlogs and YouTube videos.

But it is Betty’s resilience in the cruel world of today, that has helped him realize we can all still achieve our dreams. And as he concludes, he pens:

I wish you the very best that the universe has to offer.

From one dreamer to another with best wishes.

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