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Gachagua Gets Back Ksh200 Million Frozen By Govt



Gachagua Gets Back Ksh200 Million Frozen By Govt

He held three bank accounts at a local bank.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua can now smile this Wednesday, February 1 after Ksh202 million which was surrendered to the government was handed back to him.

The Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) stated that upon gathering new evidence, it found that the money which was forfeited to the state on July 28, 2022, was not proceeds of crime and that Gachagua has explained the source and legitimacy of the said money to satisfaction.

In addition, ARA claimed that at the time the high court was issuing its judgement, the new evidence was not placed before the judge since the agency was not in possession of the said evidence.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua arrives at the Milimani Courts in July 2021. /FILE

As a result, the Court of Appeal disbanded the forfeiture order issued by the High Court at the time and also set aside the said judgement of the High Court.

Gachagua had held three bank accounts at a local bank. One was holding Ksh165 million, the second Ksh35 million, and the third Ksh773,228, which have been released to him.

All three are under the MP’s names but a fourth account linked to Gachagua held Ksh1,138,142, registered in the name of Jenne Enterprises.

Gachagua landed in trouble with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on July 23, 2021, over money laundering claims when detectives picked him up from his home in Nyeri.

He faced six corruption charges on the acquisition of Ksh7.3 billion from proceeds of crime between the years 2013 and 2020 through business dealings with the government.

The charges include conspiracy to commit an offence of corruption, fraudulent acquisition of public funds, conflict of interest, money laundering and acquisition of proceeds of crime.

His eight co-accused included Mathira NG-CDF manager William Wahome Mwangi, who was also the chairman of Tana Water Works Development Agency (TWWDA).

The other accused persons included Ann Nduta Ruo, Julianne Jahenda Makaa, Samuel Murimi Ireri, Grace Wambui Kariuki, Lawrence Kimaru, and Irene Wambui Ndigiriri, David Reuben Nyangi Nguru and Rapid Medical Supplies Ltd.

Speaking in Mathira constituency on Tuesday, June 28, Gachagua vowed to take back the money he claimed the government froze illegally to build a palatial home with a nyama choma (roast meat) base for his supporters, that is, if the duo win the August 9 general elections.

“You know this government froze my account. When we take power, I will take my money back and I will come and build a home here in Kieni so that you can come to visit me. I will build a nice house and also a nice place where men can grill meat and also drink what we drink as we talk,” Gachagua stated.

“For the women, we will have a nice place for them where they will be coming to visit Mama Gachagua as they drink porridge while singing and dancing.”

Notably, he blamed his brilliant performance in the 2022 deputy presidential debate against former Azimio la Umoja running mate, Martha Karua, as the reason he lost the Ksh202 million.

Rigathi Gachagua and Martha Karua during the Deputy Presidential debate on July 19, 2022. /FILE