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Goons arrested over Kisumu’s Uhuru Market Chaos – Weekly Citizen



Goons arrested over Kisumu’s Uhuru Market Chaos – Weekly Citizen

A self-imposed leader of a fierce gang in Kisumu that has been antagonizing governor Anyang Nyongo’s attempts to relocate traders was finally arrested.
The irate traders mobilized themselves and forced police to affect the arrest of the notorious criminal Willis Akoth aka Boy Akoth.
Boy led a gang that unleashed terror and extorted potential stall owners at the newly built Uhuru business market in Juakali area.

A number of people had been badly injured and hospitalized after the gang chaotically took charge of the process of stall allocation.
However a forged working relationship between the traders, the county government and the police appears to have  neutralized the thugs.
The operation dubbed bringing sanity at Uhuru business market kicked off last week and has been positively felt on the ground as far as order is concerned.

Following the arrest of goons, the chairman of the Uhuru business park appealed to the victims of the extortion ring to record official statement with his office for action.

The operation team noted that the office was working round the clock to avert a repeat of ugly incident witnessed at the Maendeleo market.
‘ We want to tackle them head on at the slightest sign that the menace is rearing its ugly head,” noted a committee member in the operation team.

A communication has been released to the effect that any individual interested to secure a stall at the competitive market to contact the newly formed committee for fair allocation.

Those who had been previously allocated stalls but blocked by the gang have been encouraged to share their plight with the committee.

The traders heaped praises on City manager Abala Wanga following his strategy to form a well coordinated committee that successful countered the marauding gang.


Two other gang members, Solomon Otieno and Henry Odeny were also nabbed during the raid.
The duo alongside Boy Akoth were released on police cash bail and booked to appear in court over a range of charges including assault, robbery with violence and vandalism.

MCA Onyango

Other reports suggest that mca for railways ward  Sammy Onyango could be funding the goons in an effort to frustrate the county government.
The mca, who has been a vocal critic of the county government, allegedly vowed to use any means necessary to topple the nyongo administration.

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