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Government should crackdown on sugar scandal culprits



Government should crackdown on sugar scandal culprits

Toxic sugar • The government should crack down on the people threatening their fellow Kenyans by distributing contaminated sugar, says Zuwena Nifa. “The sugar scandal shows their disrespect for fellow Kenyans’ lives and neglect of their safety. Those who endanger others must face the full force of the law, as protection of lives must be prioritised.” Her contact is [email protected]

Delayed dues • In the late 1990s, Jediel Muthuri recalls, many government and parastatal workers were sent home under the Voluntary Early Retirement Scheme (VERS), which was really the very opposite of that. “What they were paid was not pension. Some are still waiting for their terminal dues two decades later. Can Cotu, please, take up the matter?” His contact is [email protected]

Analog NTSA • Some things do not make sense at all to Willis O. Aguko. He is, for instance, wondering why the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) should issue interim licences to new drivers. “Do we really need these in this information technology era, when smart licences take a few hours to issue? Why should one pay Sh750 for such a licence?” His contact is [email protected]

Digital crooks • Online crimes are on the increase with the elderly and schoolchildren some of the hapless victims, reports Alfred Safari. “Crooks masquerading as mobile telephony company workers will call and trick a person into pressing some keys before ripping them of. All these criminals should be relentlessly tracked down, arrested and arraigned.” His contact is [email protected]

Weight loss • Restaurants can help to drive a healthy agenda through a discount system that favours their slimmer clients, proposes Doris Kinyua. “Slim people should get a 90 per cent discount on meals and the medium-sized ones 60 per cent. The plus-size people should get much less. The principle behind this is to encourage people to eat less food.” Her contact [email protected]

Have a healthy day, won’t you!

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