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Harmonize intends to go into politics, wants to become MP



Turns out Harmonize is harbouring ambitions that go beyond music and this might be in a small way what has put a strain on his relationship with Diamond but also why he has been making grand overtures towards Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli.

And he wouldnae be the first artistes either in his native Tanzania or in East Africa to go the political route. The first was Professor Jay who was followed by Jaguar and Uganda’s Bobi Wine.

In an exclusive interview with a Tanzanian paper called Ijumaa, Harmonize has spoken about his longing to sit in the Tanzanian parliament to bring change for his people. You will remember that he hails from a low-income area called Konde hence why he calls himself Konde Boy.

While it is clear that he is cut out to be a star, I am not sure he is ready for the meat grinder that is politics as it involves some rather real high stakes and as we are seeing in Uganda with Bobi Wine, the stakes can be as high as life or death:

Bobi Wine and Octopizzo

Ugandan artist and ally of Bobi Wine kidnapped, tortured and killed

I wish him the best as he eyes the 2020 Tanzanian General Election.

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