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How CCTV led police to suspects in defilement case : The Standard




Two people have been arrested in investigations on a case where a 17-year old girl was drugged, defiled and a key inserted inside her private parts last week.

The girl was found dumped inside an unfinished building in Nairobi, more than 16 hours after she was escorted by her sister to Nairobi’s Bus Station stage on September 2.
The arrest came after police reviewed footage from closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras in Nairobi’s streets.
Among those arrested after police in Kamukunji turned to CCTV footage obtained from Jogoo house, is a boda boda operator who picked the girl, 17, from Bus Station and took her to Khoja matatu terminus.
The girl’s ordeal began on the evening of September 2. She traveled from Limuru to visit her sister in Umoja Estate.
Matatu terminus
At a round 5pm, her sister escorted her to Bus Station where she paid for a boda boda to take her to Khoja matatu terminus where she was to board a matatu back to Limuru.
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She never got home.
Instead she woke up covered with a shuka inside a building under construction the following day at 9am. Medical tests conducted later revealed that she had been defiled.
The girl says she was drugged with an unknown substance and lost consciousness for 16 hours during which she was sexually assaulted by her assailants.
“I have no recollection of what happened,” she told The Standard.
Police believe that after drugging the girl, her assailant or assailants) took her out of town where she was defiled and a key inserted in her private parts.
When she came around, the girl said she had no idea where she was as she was still drowsy. She stumbled out of the building and asked the first person she saw where she was before narrating her ordeal.
“I could not tell where I was, I was in great pain,” she said.
The girl was taken to Khoja bus stage where she boarded a matatu to Limuru and thereafter to her home in Ndeiya where her mother immediately noticed that something was wrong.
“She looked depressed and was walking with difficulties. She went straight to her room and started crying. I got alarmed and asked her what was the problem but she refused to talk to me. I rang her elder sister who spoke with her,” the mother said.
The girl narrated her ordeal to her elder sister who in turn informed her mother.
The family then took the girl to the nearby Limuru Nursing Home where they were referred to Tigoni Level 4 hospital where medics removed the key from the her private parts.
The key was given to the police as an exhibit.
Police in Tigoni referred the matter to Kamukunji Police Station under whose jurisdiction the area that the incident happened falls.
Investigating officer then sought the assistance of CCTV surveillance cameras in the city to unravel the crime.
In the footage obtained from CCTV control room at Jogoo House, the girl is seen climbing onto a boda boda at Bus Station matatu terminus. Her elder sister is captured paying the boda boda rider.
The boda boda then snakes through Uyoma road to join Munyu road and then towards Khoja stage where the girl was due to board a vehicle to Limuru.
Here, the CCTV briefly loses the boda boda, making it impossible to tell at what point the girl was dropped.
After a couple of minutes, the boda boda is seen heading back to Bus Station. The boda boda rider has since been arrested.
Police officers are now trying to piece together what happened past the area covered by CCTV.
They are scouting for more footage from the control room and CCTVs mounted on city buildings to get more insights into the case.


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