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How Gov. Mike Sonko has been reduced to a mere spectator on Nairobi County affairs



The Editor.

December 24, 2017,

As the dust settles and reality sets in, Nairobi Gov. Mike Mbuvi has learnt painfully that managing Nairobi is very different from his moribund Sonko rescue team. Mr.Mbuvi has realized albeit late that being Governor is more than making road side declaration like the ones touching on hawkers—Just like Sonko confirmed during the debate that he was going to be the political head of Nairobi County, he now realizes that he is just Igathe’s stooge.

Kenyan Report is in possession of a dossier involving the power intrigues at City hall— the source who is not authorized to talk on behalf of the Governor has intimated to the editor that State House read the riot act to Sonko and told him that he was heavily assisted in securing the highly coveted seat and he should do the party bidding and that the substantive Governor is Igathe thanks to his exposure in business and his education.

The dossier further revealed that plans are underway to use Nairobi county to undermine devolution and scuttle it completely—insiders in Jubilee government say that Jubilee luminaries would want a return to the old order where the president had absolute power to dictate where development goes, the mantra of siasa mbaya maisha mbaya perfected by the professor of politics himself. It is revealed that the DP is mulling at the idea and is ready to go the full length to ensure that power is centralized. It should be remebered that the DP is a student of Nyayo politcal ideology.

Kenyans should be prepared for more drama as we move into the new year. As for Sonko  the dossier reveals that he is even contemplating quiting office prematurely for fear of his life, it is thought the death of Nyeri governor has left him scared and he is nolonger a happy man. That Sonko was the fisrt governor to call a press conference and complain about the constitutional provision that allows the deputy governor to automatically assume office should the Governor pass on is enough proof of how worried the Governor is.

The Governor is also revealed to be an outsider to the affairs of the County and  he openly curses the cartels and his party for usurping his powers and getting power from the backdoor.



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