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How ministry of Water secretary Alima mints millions – Weekly Citizen



Water ministry secretary Samuel Alima who backed Raila Odinga’s failed presidential bid hoping that he would have been named principal secretary in the same ministry is accused of demanding kickbacks running into millions of shillings before helping one land lucrative tenders in parastatals that fall under his ministry.

Apart from money, Alima when it comes assisting ladies eyeing lucrative tenders even goes beyond money demands for other things.


Weekly Citizen has information that using proxy companies operated by friends, relatives and even sidekicks to land big tenders at the ministry, Alima has become an overnight millionaire.

One parastatal Alima is said to influence and award tenders is that of National Irrigation Authority where he sits on the board of directors representing the ministry.

Sources at the ministry say that Alima knows what it means to sit on strategic parastatal boards that fall under the Water ministry and that is why he lobbies to be among the directors.

To him, that is to influence tender awards where money talks.

In fact, within the board, once he settles down, Alima is said to prefer to chair the procurement committee or that of finance to oversee tender awards or payments being made.

At National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority along Dunga Road in South B, Alima has influence in tender awards due to his closeness to acting CEO Sharon Abonyo, finance manager Patrick Ataro and Joseph Ojiambo, the human resource manager.


Just like at NIA, at National Water, Alima’s favoured firms are doing big projects and that is why Abonyo must keep on as acting CEO.

The relationship between Alima and Abonyo whether it is just business or not has left many unanswered questions.

At times, the two are known to book an apartment for unknown reasons.

During presidential campaigns, Alima held talks with National Water board c h a i r m a n , directors and Obonyo and deployed vehicles to Homa Bay and Kisumu counties whose r e g i s t r a t i o n numbers are KCD 304J, KCD 305J, KCD 306J, KCD 364G and KCH 275 M for Raila’s campaigns thus misusing taxpayers’ money and taking a partisan role.

Alima hand is also seen in various tender awards for dams c o n s t r u c t i o n including Koru Dam contract that was signed during the electioneering period.

It is imperative to note that despite National Water having made a payment of Sh300 million in advance to the contractor for Koru Dam, it has not taken off.

Ever since acting CEO Obonyo contract expired on November 27 2021, Alima has seen her remain in the office and he almost slapped former authority board chairman ErIck Okeyo who wanted Abonyo out. Instead Alima made sure Okeyo exited the board while Abonyo remained.

The authority is also on EACC radar after the Chinese contractor, J&K Investment, claimed Sh1 billion in a project that had been allocated Sh213 million.

In May this year, they were on the spot over alleged tendering malpractices and receiving hefty kickbacks in the award of Sh231 million tender for the construction the Naku’etum Peace Dam.

EACC is investigating at least five top officials in connection to the scam vide investigation file No EACC/PI/ INQ/33/2020.

Alima, it is claimed is the protector of corrupt CEOs in the ministry as he uses his position to intimidate them, sexual harassment of senior female managers all in the name of helping his cronies allied companies, some where he is a silent director win lucrative jobs.

Weekly Citizen was given five names of companies Alima allegedly pushes to be awarded tenders in the ministry.

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