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A Kenyan woman has narrated how her husband of many years intentionally infected her with HIV only to dump her later, leaving her distraught. 

The woman identified as Joy says the one mistake she did is going to bed with her husband with getting tested.

‘We met in 2016 akarusha mistari nikaingia box.

We made the first contact in March in June is when we officially met and then in August is when we first had our sexual encounter.

He was at the time in Mlolongo and I was in Ruiru.

We used to visit each other and do sleepovers because we had not yet officially started living together.’

Joy added,

On December 5th I started doubting him because of some fishy behavior of putting his phone on flight mode.

‘Out of curiosity, I asked a neighbor of mine who is a nurse to test me for HIV to which she agreed for a 100 bob.

After testing I was positive, we both went back for testing and we both tested positive, we argued a lot and he stood by me and asked for forgiveness.’

To Joy’s shock her husband, Chebukati did not deny infecting her.

‘I explained to him that with my ex I used to get tested and so I knew my status.


He told me he had never gotten tested ever, so we were to start taking our ARVS. In 2019 he left me.

He left me in a very bad state. I am a church person and I cannot start sleeping around. 

After forgiving him he even stopped providing in the house.’


‘I have tried to ask my mother-in-law to contact him but he is not picking up.

My parents do not know I am sick nor do my sisters so I felt bad because I do not have friends I can talk to about my status.

Why does he want to leave me alone?’

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