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How to remove bene: 4 homemade options



There are some homemade options, popularly used, that can be made to remove wart, such as covering the small hole that appears in the skin with the wart with tape or bacon, or applying nail polish, in order to prevent the worm from breathing, making with it moves to the surface of the skin to breathe, making it easy to remove with tweezers.

However, it is recommended to consult the general practitioner for an assessment of the skin and the depth of the wound, and start the most appropriate treatment, which can be done with the use of dewormers, such as ivermectin in the form of tablets, or surgery to remove the warble.

In addition, even though popular larvae removal techniques are done at home, it is important to consult a general practitioner or dermatologist to assess whether the larvae have been removed completely or whether there are signs of skin infection.

Main options for beeing

Some homemade ways to remove the wart consist of covering the hole in the skin where the larva is, causing it to suffocate.

The main homemade options for drawing pot are:

  1. Vaseline;
  2. bacon or bacon;
  3. Adhesive;
  4. Nail polish.

For these techniques to be effective, the skin region with berne must be covered for 24 hours or more.

Before removing the worm, it is necessary to clean the skin and tweezers with iodinated solution or chlorhexidine. Do not squeeze the wound to push off the larva as this can make the inflammation worse.

The ideal is to go to the health center for the removal to be made by the nurse or general practitioner, which is the safest way, as it ensures that the larva is removed cleanly and without breaking or leaving debris inside the skin, which can cause an infection. Learn more about the symptoms of berne infection.

how to avoid getting bene

To avoid infection by warble, it is important to keep the skin clean, dry and free from exposed wounds, especially in bedridden elderly people or people who live in places with a lot of infestation by flies. Also, apply repellent to exposed areas of skin or cover with clothing. It is also important to use screens on windows or bed nets.

Keeping a clean environment, leaving the garbage tightly closed or outside, and using ambient air fresheners also help to prevent flies from hanging around and landing on the skin with the worm.

Homemade Repellent Recipes

A natural way to ward off flies and thus reduce the risk of any larvae penetrating the skin, is to drop 30 drops of lavender, eucalyptus or cedar essential oil into an aromatherapy diffuser or cotton balls, and spread the scent further around the house, dripping a few drops into small bowls of hot water.

Another option is to place bowls of fresh orange and lemon peel, along with some dried cloves, to help ward off these insects. Check out other natural repellent options.

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