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How To Set Up And Register A Website In Kenya



How To Set Up And Register A Website In Kenya

How To Set Up And Register A Website In Kenya

By Getrude Mathayo / Published May 3, 2023 | 1:32 pm


Before you buy a domain, it is always advisable to check for a coupon. Which is a good practice that can save you a few bucks in case there is a running registration offer? Coupons can significantly reduce the payable amount depending on the percentage discount.

If you are thinking of ways to improve your business, get more customers or improve your revenue streams and you know one of the ways to achieve this is by getting online through a website.

You know the benefits of having your business online; cheap costs, exposure to a wide number of prospects, and exhibiting professionalism. With the increase of websites, one might think getting one is a walk in the park. Well, sometimes it is but on those times it is not.

The process of getting a KE domain name is easier and faster than before. These domains are equally more affordable and come with fast configuration features. KE domain names are geographically advantageous for the country they feature.

It is interesting to realize that these domains come with an array of emails for personalized and credible communication. The process of registering a domain is commonly effortless.

Before setting up a website, it is advisable to register a domain name that formally represents the name of the site you intend to build. Apparently, there are many websites and domain registration services providers for premium and free co ke domains.

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Register a domain name

The first step towards getting a website is the registration of a domain name. A domain name is an address that identifies you on the internet and through which users of your website can access it.

Like a business name, domain names need to reflect the core of your business, its scope, and if possible the exact industry or sector it operates in. A generic domain name might confuse web users about the exact content of the site.

Though most domain names are written as one word, you might need to add hyphens or other punctuation to avoid any misunderstanding or misreading by your potential users.

There are many domain name types based on the purpose of the website. You can choose to have a .com domain name for a global appeal or.KE if you want to pass off as a business established in Kenya. You can also opt for .org if you are an organization. Domain names are basically done in line with the objectives

Factors to Consider When Registering a Domain Name

  1. The status of the proposed name on copyrights or protection. The insistent use of protected names may attract huge penalties and fines in the long run
  2. Avoid using inappropriate symbols such as dashes in your domain name
  3. It is proper to use memorable names as domain names
  4. Do not fall for exact-match domain names for search engine optimization reasons
  5. Be creative when coming up with a domain name for your proposed websites

The Process of Registering a Domain Name

  1. Conduct a Name Search

Most domain names have already been taken; it is essential to conduct a thorough name search using a list of your highlighted domain names. You can promptly clear the entire name search process through the website of your select registrar. If your name of choice is available, add it to the cart for registration.

  1. Search for A Coupon Code

Before you buy a domain, it is always advisable to check for a coupon. Which is a good practice that can save you a few bucks in case there is a running registration offer? Coupons can significantly reduce the payable amount depending on the percentage discount.

  1. Review The Cart Then Apply The Coupon

Reviewing the shopping cart will enable you to check out only that which you want. Checking the cart entails determining the number of years you are expected to pay for the domain and any additional services that may increase or lower the payable amount.

  1. Confirm and Pay for the Order

After applying the coupon, it is now time to do a confirmation on the order and pay for any further arrears not covered by the coupon. Once the payment is received, the domain will automatically become ready for use. After setting up your hosting, your site will become active and globally accessible.

Find a web hosting company/determine the type of hosting plan

Finding a web hosting company and domain name registration are steps that can be done interchangeably. One cannot exist without the other and hence you will need both in the initial stages of creating your website.

Hosting is defined as the avenue where all website information, files, and configuration are held safely to ensure the functionality of the website. If we consider domain names as the address to a house then hosting is the actual house. Hosting enables access to your website information through your domain name identity.

There are many types or levels of hosting options available for your website. Hosting solutions differ due to the storage capacity available, the number of websites that can be hosted on the plan, and the number of users using the hosting plan in cases of shared hosting.

These hosting solutions depend on the type of content carried on the website, the expected traffic, and issues like customization and stability of the site

The major types of hosting plans include:

  1. Shared Hosting

Here the hosting platform houses many web users in one. Though relatively affordable, shared hosting plans have the flipside of low speeds, high interruption levels, and at times website crashing. This is mainly due to the fact that the hosting resources are being shared amongst many users.

  1. Adaptive hosting solutions

A mix of cloud technology and traditional server hosting, adaptive hosting solutions provide the space and resources for the expansion of the website. It is ideal for those seeking huge email volumes, huge website traffic, and running processes requiring more resources.

  1. Dedicated hosting solutions

As the name suggests, this hosting plan features having a server solely availed to one website. The advantages of a dedicated hosting server include stability, speed, customization, and better security measures.

However due to the resources available in dedicated hosting, one should ensure to use it only when really necessary as not using the added feature might result in incurring avoidable costs.

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