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How Uhuru Outsmarted Plot to Heckle Him at Sagana Meeting



When Niccolo Machiavelli in his treatise the Prince said that a leader should be cunning like a fox, he hardly meant that political scheming should be a full-time career for some MPs.

On Thursday evening, just a day before President Uhuru Kenyatta held a meeting with Mount Kenya leaders at Sagana State Lodge, an MP, who is one of his fiercest critics, made a curious visit to an important government office.

According to Corridors of Power, he walked in empty-handed but after hours of closed-door deliberations with a senior government official, left with a huge paper bag. Those in the know claim the “parcel” was nothing but wads of cash.

It is not clear what the money was meant for. However, there are whispers that the MP, who hails from ‘the diaspora’, was to organise for Uhuru’s heckling if he went ahead to address people after the closed-door meeting.

Uhuru however did not make stop overs to address people outside the meeting.

Elsewhere, a section of pundits claim that the meeting which was geared towards uniting Mt. Kenya region achieved the opposite of what it was intended to attain.

They claim organization of the meeting wasn’t well thought-out and that the meeting had been organized by the Interior PS Karanja Kibicho for Kieleweke.

“People who were marshaling guests in the tents were some goons from Nairobi and they made sure some MPs didn’t access the VIP tent. Why was the area MP not given a chance to speak if for sure this meeting was to bring leaders from Mt. Kenya together. Why treat leaders with contempt in their own area?” one of them asked.

Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri said the President had a golden opportunity of uniting Mt. Kenya region but that chance has slipped through his fingers.

“As it stands now people are more divided than before and something must be urgently done to redress this situation in a manner that’s uniting.”

He added: “My take is that this would mean that this could have been the main agenda of the meeting and that the President wanted to use the platform to solidify his position as Mt. Kenya kingpin, although he didn’t clearly state his intention, this is what most people could infer, thus the President must come clean on his intentions.

The President is cautioning people to desist from politicking, yet he himself has ambitions for 2022 and thus has positioned people to block DP Ruto’s bid.”

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