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Huko ni kwangu – Prof Hamo confirms he and Jemutai are still an item



Prof. Hamo has stated categorically that he and the mother of his two children are still going strong and he still spends nights at her residence in Kitengela.

The former Churchil Show curtain raiser added that he and his baby mama will be going live on Friday to clear the air about their public lovers’ spat.

“Ningeongea mbaya, ingekuwa ngumu kurudi kuongea na Jemutai, unadhani angeniskiza kama ningempahsa huko nje? Hiyo ni tabia mbaya. Kupashana tunapashana tukiwa peke yetu!

“(Do you think it would have been easy for me to go back to Jemutai if I had responded to her complaint publicly? That’s disrespectful. We have our arguments in private)” Hamo stated during an interview on Bonga na Jalas.

Hamo insisted that he is “the man of the house” adding that despite the public squabble, he still considers his relationship with Jemutai as solid.

“I told her that I also have dirt on her that I could easily post on social media but I asked her how that would be beneficial to us. Would we have been able to sit together after that and talk?

“I love her very much,” Hamo stated, which prompted Jalang’o to ask: “Umerudi ukalala kwake nyumbani kweli?”

To which Prof Hamo answered: “Kwake ama kwangu? Hata ukitoroka na wewe bado ndio unalipa hiyo nyumba…”

What happened between Prof Hamo and Jemutai?

Prof Hamo announced that he and Jemutai would get “raw and candid” about the issues which led the mother of his children to call him a deadbeat dad.

“It’s a series, because one of the things that have helped me is being an honest man… Before I put up that apology, I had gone home and spoken to my first wife. I admitted that I was on the wrong but I pleaded with her for the sake of the children I have with Jemutai. Because those are the people who could one day do to her what Kirima’s children did to him – throwing her out of the family home.

“You know, these children don’t care where you go or which famous people you’ve met, at the end of the day they just want to be fed so be honest. And it’s freeing. Now I’m a very free man. You should see me playing with my children at Kitengela,” Hamo narrated.

Prof Hamo went on to note that as a result of his honesty he also got more work opportunities.

He added that the public fight with Jemutai caused men to open up to him on their own struggles.

He highlighted that some of the men who have reached out to him are seeking advise on how to let their wives know that they have fathered children outside the marriage.

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