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‘I bless God for these two men’ Size 8’s emotional message to DJ Mo and her father



After watching Size 8’s video on her pregnancy to the delivery journey, I have a certain level of respect for her and other mothers. It is not easy but she fought through it.

DJ Mo, her husband, has been with her throughout this pregnancy journey. They have documented the process, and we love how he is such a supportive husband.

Now that the mother of two is on her recovery journey, she has time to remember and think of a lot. And today, she was reminded of all the support the two most important men in her life have given her.

Size 8 took to social media to appreciate the two men in an emotional statement saying,

I bless God for these two men in my life Mr. Munyali my dad and Mr. Muraya my husband @djmokenya woi they have been beside me thru and thru physically and in prayer!!!! God bless them!!!!! Hoping to never take their kindness for granted!!!!! Salute to all the men who stand by their daughters and wives in hard times as these!!!!!!! May favor pour into your lives!!!!! God, you have done so much for me I cannot tell it all, I have no reason to complain but to glorify your holy name!!!! All around me I see your grace carrying me like a small baby!!!

In case you are wondering why Size 8 is grateful, she went through a very challenging pregnancy but finally delivered a gorgeous baby. You can read all about her struggles below:

‘I’ve almost died severally because of this pregnancy’ Size 8 speaks after giving birth

With all that she went through in those 34 weeks, she now appreciates anyone and everything good in her life. That is the message she is preaching after a successful delivery.

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