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‘I used to sleep in ditches on Koinange Street’ DJ Shiti reveals




DJ Shiti won the hearts of so many Kenyans on the weekly show, Real Househelps of Kawangware. His character always cracks us up.

In the last couple of episodes, he has been missing and of course his fans have noticed including small children who enjoy imitating his character.


Speaking to Jalang’o, he made it clear that he has not left the show it is just that more responsibilities came his way after his brand grew.

To be honest, endorsing several brands brings more money than being an actor and that is how many celebrities are making money.

“I have not left the Real Househelps of Kawangware. But you know as a celebrity you need to concentrate on other areas that you need to be present. For the Real Houshelps, we shoot a whole day Monday to Friday and so it clashes with other shoots that’s why I have been missing. But I will never leave the show.” DJ Shiti said.

In the course of the interview, they got a few phone calls from fans who wanted to know more about the comedian. One guy mentioned that Shiti used to sleep in the streets.

“Those ladies at Koinange Street really helped me. That is why when trolls come my way, I remember those days and I ignore them because I can’t give up and go back there. I found myself at Koinange Street after I came to Nairobi and life here was tough because I had nowhere to sleep. 


I can not go back to Nakuru because I am the last hope for the guys back at home. I have five children who call me father though they are my sibling’s children and now two younger sisters, my mother and father that I need to take care of. When I came here I wasn’t going to call those who called me here so I needed to survive. I still talk to a few of the ladies.” DJ Shiti narrated

How DJ Shiti plans to save prostitutes from Koinange Street

Right now he is one of the most sought after comedians by big brands and even for live gigs.

Seeing as he has been in this industry for some time now and has seen it all even the trolls, he advised the newbies, the likes of Mulamwah to always remember where they came from and that will help then to focus on their craft and ignore the trolls.

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