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‘I want to know if Larry Madowo cries or gets angry’ media starlet Kalondo Musyimi



‘I want to know if Larry Madowo cries or gets angry’ media starlet Kalondo Musyimi

Media personality Kalondu Musyimi has seen her Instagram numbers grow from 3,000 followers to now 39,000 in a year. She attributes the growth of the numbers to her sensational celebrity interviews.

I just think people love my content but other than that, truth be told, Kenyans love sensational stories and if you constantly provide that to them then a huge following is inevitable.

Of my many interviews that went viral, my best two picks would be when Trevor Ombija revealed how he was dumped by a woman he had been with for a decade. He had just paid the dowry when the lady decided to leave him. Then when Willis Chimano publicly came out as gay. I have never seen Kenyans so excited like that.

However, I wouldn’t pick that as my favourite celebrity interview. There is a low-key one I did with Congolese rhumba legend M’bilia Bel. It remains my all-time favourite because it reminds me of my mother. Growing up she was M’bilia’s greatest fan. My mum passed on 15 years ago.

With the increase in my social media numbers, the tides have suddenly shifted. I am experiencing a situation where brands are now reaching out to me for partnerships and collaborations and I love that. A babe needs money, man!

The majority of my followers who slid into my DMs are males who are always thirsting for me.

But I don’t mind it, it’s a good feeling to command attention. If anything I am not married or dating anyone. Kunaeza kuwa na ka-potential haha!

My favourite chill spot is definitely The Tribe hotel. It is a beautiful place—the man-made waterfall, the ambience, the calmness, and the environment it’s so therapeutic.

You would definitely find me at Tribe with my three close friends. They are childhood friends whom we continue to journey together.

My bucket list interview for this year is to have a sit down with Huddah Monroe and Larry Madowo. I would love to pick Monroe’s brain on her journey into business. I would also love to know the last time Madowo cried, does he ever get angry? All those little things about their personality.

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