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I wanted to kill myself -Kathy Kiuna’s son opens up



On his mother’s show, Women Without Limits, Jeremy Kiuna, opened up about having suicidal thoughts when he first moved to America for studies.

“My parents took me to the US after primary school, I thought we were just going to travel, what I did not know is that my parents were leaving me behind to study. The first school I went too was largely dominated by white students and I stayed for weeks before I talked to anyone. I would go sit somewhere and take my meals alone before going back to class.”

“I was later transferred to a new Manchester high school, which is largely dominated by black students and for the first time I felt at home. I had tried to commit suicide twice. One day I called my dad and decided to talk to him about what I was going through. After talking to him, I then talked to my mum and when I told her that I had tried committing suicide, she screamed.” he said. 

When describing the sensations the phone call she had with her son gave her, Kathy Kiuna said,

“That call from my son that he had wanted to commit suicide is a call no parent should receive. I screamed and wondered how that could be happening to a boy I had raised in so much love, a boy who was so confident,”

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