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‘I would have died in my bathtub if Nelly Oaks didn’t appear’



Akothee and Nelly Oaks

Akothee has thanked her manager-cum-friend Nelly Oaks after he saved her from dying in her bathtub when she developed breathing complications.

The mother of five claims she had gone Live on Instagram before everything went blank.

‘So if you didn’t work late yesterday, I would have died in the bathtub slaying on Instagram live ????????’Akothee posed

Akothee and Nelly Oaks

She then went on to narrate how the whole incident occurred.

‘It was at 11.00 PM when I left my office I worked late , passed by Rubi cut to eat fish, and went straight into my room @nellyoaks prepared my hotbath, then I went in.

I wanted the water a bit hot, so I adjusted the temperature, took my phone and went live to slay ,?‍♂️?‍♂️, 2 minutes I could not breath .


So I pushed the phone since I could not reach it, just to avoid people seeing my nakedness, then Nelly heard the bang on the floor and he came, found me helpless, took me out with all the foam and placed me to bed ??? .’

Madam boss went on to state that not even sleeping pills could help her get off the feeling of fatigue.

‘I have not been able to sleep for a while due to tiredness , so I took tea, and some orange juice, I still could not sleep.

I was tired and worn out, too tired to sleep, so I took sleeping pill to knock me out , but nothing, my brain and heart were very awake.

So in the morning we went for breakfast, and the sht happened again, after I served my sausages sat down.’

Akothee in hospital


‘I lost my breath again, and tears were rolling off my cheeks since I was struggling to breath.

So the waiter went to call @Nelly who was attending to a make up artists who had come to do my make up for our scheduled interview with Lilian Muli ?‍♂️.

 that’s how we ended here, I am very healthy it’s only that My system shut down.’

In conclusion Akothee said

‘I HAVE TO AGREE “I AM TIRED ‘. Doctors result: Fatigue 90% flu 10%.’

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