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#IfikieWazazi! Shaffie Weru explains how teenagers are pimped to sponsors through Instagram



Shaffie Weru has opened the lid on the whole #IfikieWazazi trend. The Homeboyz presenter has written in detail about how these teenagers are pimped without their knowledge to sbonzas, by the Instagram photographers.

Shaffie, on his weekly column in the Star called, The Raverend talks in length about these photographers targeting young boys and girls to pimp them out.

#IfikiewazaziRead what he has to say.

“The hashtag #IfikieWazazi shocked many, but the truth is, this trend was started by the pornographers – Instagram Photographers. They are known for taking advantage of children on Instagram in guise of making them famous or models.

We have young photographers who have opened pages online that focus on pimping young girls and boys to sponsors. Most of them never tell the naive kids that they are being pimped out, they take the photos in the name of art and at a chance of being discovered as a model.

The young men who range between the age of 16 and 21 lure girls with offers of free photo shoots, the photos are in turn posted on Instagram and shared with various mafisis online.

At first they used to just post photos of hot girls and circulate them, but now, because of the rising demand and competition from fellow pornographers, the perpetrators have started posting nudes and semi nude pictures of young boys and girls to keep up with the growing demand and to attract more paedophiles online.

Yeah, I know it sounds surreal but that’s the hard truth.

So let me break it down even further for all parents and family members to understand how this whole sh*t works.

The guys behind the trade use the young spotters to fish for unsuspecting young kids online. They then DM (direct message) the victims with offers of making them supermodels, super famous or video vixens. Once the victims are hooked, they are given a location for the free shoot, sometimes it’s a studio or a house.

They go, pictures are taken and then posted online for the paedophiles or for old dirty men to look at and select who can attend their exclusive parties.

To reward the unsuspecting teenagers, the spotters can offer the girls airtime and some little cash to turn up for the shoots. Impressed, the victims fall for the trap. The spotters are usually paid on commissions like 2k (Sh2,000) per girl or 1K (Sh1,000), or more depending on how hot the girl is or how impressive her physical features are.

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Once the victims’ pictures are posted online, they are added on the menu or tagged to as many accounts as possible until it goes viral. So as the girl enjoys her 60 seconds of fame and her 100 likes she also starts getting offers from strangers and the rest is history.

That is how socialites are born.

So before Kenyans blame the media for the rot that is child pornography…we need to put parents on check.

Because if your 16-year-old or 18-year-old who has no jobo or any form of income is busy buying or coming home with expensive sh*t, that you as a parent can’t even afford, that’s a sign they are being used or are engaging in something dodgy.

Your kid can’t be away all weekend and you don’t ask questions? Your kids can’t have an expensive phone, shoes and clothes and you sit there thinking they got it from Santa. Let’s be realistic and let’s watch our kids like hawks.

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The moment KOT becomes the voice of reason when it comes to matters of our children, the future of Kenya is doomed. We have seen the pictures. We have seen the videos. Our kids are not too be trusted. We need to put them on a extremely short leash.

Society is evil and the saying of old “Asiye funzwa na mamaye hufunzwa na ulimwengu” doesn’t hold any water in the 21st Century.

That saying is dead and buried, just like the “Wahenga”. Saa hizi ni time ya Wagenge. As long as a kid is below 20 years, they belong to the community. Any upstanding adult should be allowed to deal with them like their own blood because if we don’t, Kenya will be the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah and the only heaven we shall see is on Bamba TV.

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