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It was just a fight, not attempted murder- Somali national admits : The Standard



A Somali national accused by a Kenyan Politician of attempted murder has told the court the fight outside a mosque originated from unresolved financial issues.

Appearing before Makadara Law Courts Magistrate Eunice Kimaiyo, Jamal Mohamed who was defending himself in the case said he met Hussein Mohammed, the complainant, outside a mosque in Eastleigh, Nairobi.
“I met Hussein on September 17, 2017 at 7th street in Eastleigh so that we can sort out some outstanding financial issues with regard to purchase of a machinery,” he said.
The court heard that Jamal had a fight with Hussein who then fell into a ditch, sustaining injuries.  “I went into hiding for four days and thereafter surrendered myself to police,” said Jamal.
Jamal told court that he never reported the incident to the police immediately it happened.
He did not produce any OB number or P3 form to confirm the injuries that he claims to have incurred during the fight.
Another defense witness Mohammed Abdullahi told the court that he was present during the incident and indeed it is Jamal who initiated the fight.
Abdullahi said Hussein sustained injuries and he is the one who carried him to the hospital after he called for help.
Jamal who is also an American citizen is charged with assaulting and causing grievous harm to politician Hussein.
He has since denied all charges and released on a surety bond of Sh300, 000.

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