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It’s time Kenyans accept and champion polygamy



It’s time Kenyans accept and champion polygamy

For the longest time in modern Kenya polygamy has been something of a dirty word. In the recent past the past however, news has been awash with incidences of infidelity that have either ended tragically or humorously for onlookers.

How To Make Polygamy Work

We’ve all watched as Samidoh and his women have played out the airlines publicly much to the chagrin of people such as Kenya’s deputy president who had to become a village chief and address it.

First wife, Eddy with polygamous hubby Samidoh

And when Karen Nyamu was not fighting Edday Nderitu, then it was a random fruit on the streets of Nairobi that had a tough as both women fought over the man. Or perhaps your most recent encounter with the question of infidelity was when a man and his compass lava were found to have drowned in Juja and his wife was so upset with the situation that she refused to put any thought and effort into his eulogy during his burial.

Accepting polygamy: Comedian Nasra understands men

But this brings us low point of the entire article which is, perhaps we as Kenyans need to accept polygamy. This is one way to ensure that people are dying are hurting each other as they try to engage in extramarital affairs. If anything it would ensure that a man or woman who can find willing participants can engage in polygamy.

The truth of the matter is that no creature human beings as well, can claim to be truly monogamous. Most of God’s creations a sexual desire that predispose them to seeking out as many sexual partners as possible. And while we have attempted to pigeonhole ourselves, or rather to Shackle ourselves to the chains of monogamy, clearly not working as more and more Kenyans engage in extramarital affairs some of which are so long term the mistress essentially become the second wife.

Akuku Danger and Sandra Adacha make a strong case for polygamy

Why not just be honest and avoid the intellectual car dies by accepting polygamy? This will do a way with all the risks associated with cheating. A man of means who so desires would sit down with his wife and explain to her that he had met another woman and wanted to be in a polygamous marriage with both women. The same would ideally apply for women.


One Society has made its peace with this setup then men to can begin to be taught how to be balanced husbands and search settings. Women two could be taught how to balance their polyandrous affairs. There will be no stigma no shame and children born of such families would all ideally be treated equally as long as the man is taught how to be a balanced leader and father.

Amber Ray vs Amira: Jimal Roho Safi is evidence of what happens when weak men try polygamy

Instead what we have is a bunch of cowards lying to each other as they sleep around, pretending to uphold the tenets of monogamy and when they die we find out all the dirty linen as children and dependents pop-up revealing the man’s true polygamous nature.

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