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Jubilee MP wants politicians’ bodyguards withdrawn



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An MP from the ruling Jubilee party has said he supports the move to reduce the number of police officers guarding politicians and other high-ranking government officials in order to boost security operations in the country.

The Imenti North MP Rahim Dawood said the lawmakers’ office requires that they mingle freely with wananchi and only the President and his deputy needed armed protection.

He asked why many MPs and Governors complain of inadequate armed security yet majority of them campaigned without the security officers.

“What changes once people get elected? If you are going to serve, then you don’t need armed security and chase cars. Allocation of armed police and chase cars to guard VIPs is a waste of resources that should be channelled to alleviating problems facing common mwananchi. If one feels insecure, they can hire their own guards,” said the legislator.

Speaking in Meru town on Thursday where he issued development cheques and sports equipment to local athletes, Mr Dawood urged fellow legislators to stop complaining about reduction of the security detail and show servant leadership.

“In the spirit of reducing the wage burden on wananchi, I am ready to forfeit my salary so that the money can be used to alleviate problems of wananchi. Elected leaders offered themselves to serve wananchi and not to enrich themselves. We have adequate leaders ready to offer servant leadership,” he said.

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