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Juliani’s Sh. 1 million social media rate card that is talk of town



Juliani’s Sh. 1 million social media rate card that is talk of town

Kenyan musician Julius Owino alias Juliani has stirred debate after unveiling his rate card.

The rate card that was uploaded on Twitter has three levels of subscription. The first option for subscription, dubbed value for value, will see clients pay Sh. 250,000 per year to get their selected appearances, 30 per cent off their rate card, non-exclusive access, selected use of the musician’s name, images and likeness, as well as products and service placement across all his platforms once a month.

The second level of subscription, dubbed plug-in subscription, is an additional program where clients will be required to part with Sh. 500,000 a year to get 50 per cent off on selected items on Juliani’s rate card.

This category won’t pay any cost for his appearances on limited promotion events, will have non-exclusive access to him, limited use of his name, image and likeness, product placement twice a month across all his platforms and will get creative direction on the go to market strategy.

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In the third package, which is the most expensive, clients will be required to part with Sh  1,000,000 a year to get up to 70 per cent off Juliani’s rate card, no cost appearance on selected promotional activities, exclusivity to Juliani, and product placement across all his platforms, four times a month.

Additionally, these clients will be recognized as his partner in all their scheduled events and activities of the year.

Clients will also be guaranteed unlimited use of his name, image and likeness for their product promotions and the agreement to obtain assistance in their Corporate Social Investment activities through their community projects.

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