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Kajala has shared a creepy post suggesting she could have dumped Harmonize



Reports have indicated that she could have dumped Harmonize again, just a few months after rekindling her love for the musician.

Rumours of their separation sparked the internet when Harmonize’s super fan threatened to unfollow Kajala on Instagram if she was no longer with the Bongo artist.

Kajala asked the fan to do so in a daring post. She later posted on her account stating that she has forgiven her ex. Kajala and Harmonize have unfollowed each other on Instagram since then.

“Mimi kama mwanamke na binadamu nimeumbwa kupenda na kusamehe pia,ila kwenye hili nastahili kuchekwa, nastahili kubezwa na kudharauliwa pia.

“Sipo hapa kujitetea wala kutia huruma ni kweli nilifanya makosa na nimeyagundua makosa yangu, mimi siyo mkamilifu. Hakika nimekosea familia yangu, ndugu zangu, na marafiki zangu.

“Kutenda kosa si kosa, kosa kurudia kosa. I forgive my X and I’m ready for the next. Temporary post” She posted.

[I’m a woman and a human being who was created to love and to forgive although I deserve to be laughed at and looked down upon. I’m not trying to defend my self for I committed a mistake but I am now enlightened.]

It will be a big blow for Harmonize if Kajala has dumped him considering what he went through to win her back when they broke up last time.

Harmonize bought her two Range Rovers and splashed a lot of cash on a billboard as a way of begging her to take him back.

Kajala forgave him and Harmonize made her his manager a few weeks later after their reunion.

Could there be some trouble in paradise or are they playing about with people’s minds?

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