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Kamene and Kibe confess on the weakness December brings



December is midway gone and the party life is only increasing in the 254. Kenyans love to party and have fun and Kamene and Kibe are no exception.

During the Morning Conversation, the posed a question to each other on what weaknesses they face in December. Everyone goes through this phase because this month just has a way of bringing out that part of your life.

Then the biggest regret comes when January comes and you are left wondering what was I getting myself into.

‘Run!’ Kamene breaks down the type of man to avoid this festive season

If you listen to Kiss FM every morning or watch Andrew Kibe’s video’s on social media then you have picked up his character which is a man who is quite spontaneous. He said when December kicks in, he the most indiscipline he can be.

“My weakness in December is indiscipline. I usually have a plan to go home but with just one SMS it can take me away from the set direction.”Kibe says

Kamene Goro said her weakness is that she easily spends a lot of money in December.

I spend a lot. My daily spend is on holidays. I usually have the mentality that January will sort itself out. It takes a lot of effort and compromises to earn all this and live this kind of life. 

Kibe says that when e he was Kamene’s age, he could not afford that lifestyle so it surprises him that she is living large.

I am surprised you at 27 years and can afford these things at this age. Now is when I can afford to live this life. But the advantage is you do not have a child because with a kid you can not afford to do all these things. For me, all I am thinking off is you have to please these little devils

From the calls and comments on social media, Kenyans really wait for December to just chop money and then cry in January.

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