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Kenya: Car Manufacturer Unveils Mechanical Ventilator to Support COVID-19 War




Nairobi — Automobile assembling firm, Toyota Kenya, has developed a Bridge Mechanical Ventilator as an emergency use resuscitator system to support patients with COVID-19 respiratory failure.

The firm’s Managing Director, Arvinder Reel said the car manufacturer had taken up the call by President Uhuru Kenyatta for local companies to come up with easy-to-deploy local solutions in the battle to contain the spread of coronavirus.

“It is recognized that the surge in COVID-19 is requiring extraordinary measures that include the provision of mechanical ventilator support to keep pace with clinical need at our healthcare facilities,” said Reel.

Designed to enable rapid large-scale development and deployment, the easy-to-use Bridge Mechanical Ventilator has been made from locally sourced components which can be easily replicated to avert the COVID-19 pandemic.

The automobile assembler is now awaiting the necessary approvals to be able to develop up to 20 Bridge Mechanical Ventilators per day.

The ventilator support needs of a COVID-19 patient can range from simple BIPAP (bi-level positive airway pressure) for patients that are breathing spontaneously to mandatory ventilation in either a pressure-support or volume control mode.

Some of the symptoms that COVID-19 Patients develop include fever and dry cough, while others find themselves unable to breathe.

But in most severe cases, one biomedical device becomes indispensable: the ventilator.