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Kenya: Eric Omondi Goes Viral Worldwide for Taunting Man United



Comedian Eric Omondi is at it again, and this time he has got the attention of the world.

The comedian on Thursday shared a short clip on Twitter mocking Manchester United club’s poor performance.

The video has been shared by some of the biggest names in football and fans as well.

In the video, the comedian posed as a street vender selling football jerseys. He sells Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham jerseys at competitive prices,  but sells Manchester United at a ‘throw away price’.

The clip was picked by Footy Humour and United Xtra and shared to their followers.

It has got more than 760,000 views and shared more than 12,000 with 4,000 retweets.

United Xtra had this to say; “Lads, we’re being bantered off by our brothers in Africa. Peak times.”

“He starts selling City jerseys at ksh 500, he then lowers the price for Arsenal and Spurs. He then gets to the lowest price for United and no one wants to buy them. He offers them for free and people run away.”

Here are some of the comments and reactions from around the world about his clip.

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