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Kenya: Ohaga Defies FIFA, Sticks to His Ruling On FKF Polls




Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) chairman John Ohaga on Friday said he is sticking to his ruling on March 17 in which he nullified the Football Kenya Federation elections and ended the term of the body’s National Executive Committee.

Ohaga, who had on Wednesday listened to submissions from the concerned parties before adjourning to make the ruling, said FKF’s decision not to appeal the March 17 ruling allows him to reiterate his pronouncements.

Here is the full communication from Ohaga:

Now upon hearing Counsel for the parties, the Tribunal hereby directs and orders as follows:

1. There having been no appeal or application for review preferred against the decision, the Tribunal reiterates its decision of 17th March, 2020;

2. The Tribunal notes that Fifa has declined to form a Normalisation Committee as requested at Order No. IX of the Tribunal’s decision of 17th March, 2020. The Tribunal accordingly invites representations from the parties as to the next course of action in view of the urgent need for the FKF to hold elections once the Covid-19 pandemic is behind us;

3. The Interested Parties in SDT Case No. 3 of 2020 and the Petitioners in SDT Case No. 5 of 2020 are at liberty to make a formal application regarding the issue of protection of the assets of FKF and the alleged vandalisation of the said assets as Directions No. 3 well as for alleged contempt of the Orders of the Tribunal made on 17th March, 2020;


4. Such application, including brief written submissions, shall be filed and served within the next five (5) days from the date of issuance of these directions;

5. The Football Kenya Federation (FKF) shall file and serve its response, including brief written submissions, within five (5) days from the date of service upon it of the intended application;

6. The application shall be filed electronically ([email protected] and [email protected]) and shall be served electronically upon each of the parties at the designated email addresses;

7. The Tribunal will convene on Tuesday 5th May 2020 at 3.00 pm via Zoom or such other medium as the Tribunal shall determine to hear brief arguments on the application and with respect to direction 2 above.

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