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Kenya: Rights Group Wants State to Cover All Quarantine Costs




A human rights organisation has filed a petition seeking to have the government cater for all expenses incurred by individuals being isolated in government health facilities in relation Covid-19 pandemic.

Muslims for Human Rights (Muhuri) argues that those quarantined are being compelled to bear costs yet it this should be catered for by the government.

Muhuri, who have sued the Attorney General, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Inspector General of Police at the High Court in Mombasa, argues that the government should make all payments on behalf of the citizens.

The group further argues that majority of people are poor and can hardly afford to feed themselves and their families let alone pay Sh2,000 per day at the isolation facilities.

“It is common knowledge that the government has received funding from the World Health Organisation towards the fight against Covid-19. It has the financial capacity to suppress the virus without forcing its citizens to pay for their upkeep once placed under mandatory quarantine,” states Muhuri Chairman Khelef Khalifa in his affidavit.

The organisation wants a declaration that a local or county government is mandated to cater for all expenses related to health care and treatment of all patients in relation to the Covid-19 virus and other epidemics.

Muhuri says that Section 27 of the Public Health Act provides that in case of an epidemic and a health official concludes or is of the suspicion that an individual is infected, the local authority is mandated to inquire all costs relating to treatment throughout the isolation period.