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Kenya should set up a special fund for TB diagnosis, treatment



Kenya should set up a special fund for TB diagnosis, treatment

Special fund • The country should urgently set up a special fund for the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, urges Beatrice Mbete. She finds it rather ironical that after effectively fighting the killer coronavirus disease and HIV, the health authorities have failed to take adequate measures to contain the spread of TB. “This disease is killing Kenyans on a daily basis.” His contact is [email protected]

Coerced • We are living in interesting times, remarks Ruth Gituma, on the revelations by key public office holders of their being coerced to irregularly sign off large amounts of money for projects. “This is worrying. What would be the worst case scenario if one stood one’s ground and asked for the proper process to be followed? Are guns placed on their heads to act?” Her contact is [email protected]

Untapped potential • There is a huge business potential waiting to be tapped, says Churchill Amatha on inadequate internet connectivity. “I wonder why telcos have never considered creating or boosting their internet connectivity along the standard gauge railway (SGR). It seems that Kenya Railways Corporation is not interested in adding a new income stream to the SGR.” His contact is [email protected] 

Outages • Whenever rain falls in Kisumu Town, there is always a power outage, says Opiyo Oduwo, a resident of Lolwe Estate. “This has been the order of the day for years in this part of the country. Who will come to our rescue now that our many past complaints have fallen on deaf ears? Customers should consider suing Kenya Power for breach of contract.” His contact is [email protected]

Water woes • Why has the Water ministry not directed the immense run-off water from sections of the Nairobi Expressway to the Nairobi National Park? asks Lawi Manasse. “The ministry should build a large dam to tap the water and then purify it for commercial and domestic use. If people are not interested, then the water should be left to the animals in the park to drink.” His contact is [email protected]

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