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Kenyan celebrities whose parents are prominent pastors



It is hard to imagine that some gospel and secular Kenyan artistes have parents who are pastors given the fact that they rarely talk about it.

Well, here are some local celebrities you did not know are children of pastors


Nyashinski who is a household name in Kenya’s secular industry is a pastors son.

Nyash, as he is fondly known by his fans, has however ventured into singing secular songs such as Bebi Bebi, Finyo, Mungu Pekee and Kebs.

If you listen to his songs, most of the times he incorporates God or spiritual lyrics as his ode to his dad who is a staunch believer.



Known for his hit song ‘Lingala Ya Yesu’ ‘Wanajua’ ‘Niache Niimbe’ among others comes from a Christian background.

During an interview with Parents magazine, he said it was not easy.

There was a lot of pressure and stigma as a pastor’s child and little room for mistakes or normal reactions to a situation such as anger or hatred.

He adds,

‘I found myself wishing my dad had an office job like other parents’ says Pitson who says his heart broke one time when his father gave him Ksh 30 to go buy himself a shirt while his friends traipsed all over town in the latest trendy attires.

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Amani who is now a gospel artiste strongly stated that despite her being a secular artiste before, her parents were Christians and her mother a pastor.

In a post, she explained that at some point she had to learn to ‘share’ her mother with other people after all pastors are considered as ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ by their followers.

“As a pastors child I had to learn to share my mum…she always put her family first but had to pastor many,’’ The post read in part.

Further adding,

Pastors have a lot to give and their kids are always surrounded with a lot of love but they have to learn how to share their parents with others for they are considered parents by many.


Emmy Kosgei

Emmy who is loved for her indigenous gospel music is a child of a pastor, her father Jackson Kosgei.

She had in the past shared a photo of her father preaching in Dallas, expressing her excitement at the fact that he was now comfortable and did not have to struggle as he is physically disabled.

He lost the use of his limbs after a polio attack.

My lovely daddy in Dallas doing what he is called to do…. Thank God for technology ??? now he has custom made electric chair for ease, comfort, mobility and ability to speak comfortably at his age! Praise be to God??

Emmy Kosgei with her dad and siblings

Reverend Lucy Natasha

She is an affirmation that the apple does not fall far from the tree as she has followed in her mother’s footsteps of spreading the gospel.

Natasha is a minister at Oracle Of God while her mother, Esther Wanjiru, is a pastor with Maximum Miracle Center.

Reverend Lucy Natasha

Andrew Muiru

Many might remember him for his energetic dancing performance back in the day, he is son to Maximum Miracle Centre’s Pastor Pius Muiru.

What many do not know is that he is also a pastor himself, following keenly in his father’s footsteps. His days as the leader of Maximum Melodies are long over.

Andrew Young Muiru

Victoria Kimani and Bamboo

Kenyans celebrated artistes Victoria Kimani and Bamboo are children of clerics.

Speaking during an interview with Betty Kyallo, Victoria said,

They (my parents) are still pastors. Growing up in that household was different as they are typical African parents but not too typical as we lived in America for a long time. 

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Victoria adds that given a choice, her parents would want her to do gospel music but that is her decision to make.

I think my dad appreciates the music part of it as he is a musician, my mother definitely would prefer that I sing gospel music.

Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani

It’s definitely their preference but honestly, my parents just want me to be successful more than anything. If I am successful, they are happy, and even with the few successes I have had, they post things on Facebook they are proud.

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