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Kenyan Charged with Choking, Sexually Assaulting Another Man While in ICE Detention in Pennsylvania



An arrest warrant for several felonies has been issued for a Kenyan man in York County, Pennsylvania who is accused of sexually assaulting his cellmate and choking the man into unconsciousness.

Clifford Kamau Ibirithi, 34, is charged with several felonies including sexual assault, strangulation, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, assault by prisoner and aggravated harassment by prisoner, according to court records.

Clifford allegedly committed the offenses on a cellmate while he was being detained in the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) section of the York county jail in February of this year.

On February 20th, a cellmate of Ibirithi reported to a correctional officer that he [victim] woke up to go use the bathroom and soon “felt pressure around his neck and related that it was a chokehold,” according to a police report by Pennsylvania  State Trooper Daniel Weldon. The vicim told the state trooper that he felt rape beginning to happen before he lost consciousness. When he woke up, the victim said “he felt pain in his backside and rectum area.,” adding that his pants were off.

Medical records indicated that the victim suffered bruises on his ear, neck, and legs. The report also said the victim suffered “multiple lacerations and abrasions” in the rectal area.

Tests matched the DNA collected from Ibirithi matched the DNA on fluid collected from the victim.

Court records say Trooper Weldon interviewed Ibirithi on February 28th, who said the two men engaged in consensual sexual activity.

Ibirithi has since been freed from ICE detention and is believed to be living in Tacoma, Washington.

Ibirithi has prior convictions for shoplifting and DUI in Delaware.

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