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Kenyans from around the US set to attend Ruto’s Meeting in Washington DC on Dec 15th – Kenya Satellite News Network



During the meeting in Seattle, CS Mutua said the Kenya Kwanza government will enact changes that will change their lives positively.

“We plan, in time, to open more consulates in the US. One for the Midwest either in Chicago or Minneapolis, in the South either in Dallas or Atlanta and one in the Northwest in Seattle. We’ll also have mobile biometric kits to process passports, Huduma Namba and IDs in the US,”Mutua said.

The CS said the missions will also offer trade and investment services for the diaspora to invest in Kenya and take advantage of the PPP programmes, affordable housing ventures and other projects in the country.

“This is a non-partisan event where all Kenyans are welcome,” Amb Amayo said recently.

There is, however, some talk of divisions among diaspora in the US, which is blamed, for instance, for the collapse of the Kenya Diaspora Initiative.

Prof Peter Ndiang’ui, a Florida based Kenyan community organiser,  observed that previous governments have tried to embrace the diaspora, but the efforts have only been mostly at policy level with little or no corresponding action to implement those policies.

“This should change as we have already seen with the President’s actions thus far with more expected to finally harness the diaspora’s full potential,” Ndiang’ui, one of the committee members, said.

During his visit to South Korea last week, President Ruto met Kenyans living in Seoul and in response to one of the questions, the President said the international trips are to engage with foreign governments as well as with Kenyans living in the countries to advance his development agenda for the country.

Mr Samuel Omwenga, a US based legal and political analyst says Ruto had demonstrated thus far he has the ability to succeed in accomplishing this both at home and in the diaspora.

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