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Kenyans on Twitter are suddenly crediting Nonini after Ksh.1M lawsuit



Kenyans on Twitter are suddenly crediting Nonini after Ksh.1M lawsuit

Genge pioneer Nonini won a landmark copyright case against Twitter influencer Brian Mutinda who, in an advert for TV manufacturer Synix, used the singer’s 2003 hit ‘We Kamu’ illegally.

Mutinda was ordered to pay Nonini Ksh.1 million and pull down the video from all social media platforms.

The outcome of the one year legal battle was roundly celebrated on Twitter and in the Kenyan creative space with many lauding the luminary lyricist for his steadfastness and victory.

Now, days after the news broke, and the media ran with the story, people on Twitter have been digging out their old tweets in which they either mentioned a Nonini lyric, used his video in a meme or even merely mentioned his name.

Prior to the ruling, Kenyans on Twitter would use Nonini’s lyrics cavalierly, either as a meme reference or just to express their current mood.

Now, people are digging out the tweets, some which date way back to 2018, and are suddenly crediting Nonini.

Of course, it’s a hilarious trend occasioned by the Nonini court victory.

“Naona hamtaki kulipa millions. Ndio mmeanza kucredit Nonini on anything you ever tweeted on him.. Na hizo tweets are funny af!” Twitter user @Its_Roddie said.

Popular influencer Bevalyne Kwamboka dug up a 12th May 2021 tweet in which she said, “Leo niko kwa keja, sitoki hapa…” She then captioned it, “Credits, Nonini. Not my words”.

Another popular Influencer @Kalasinga, who, on 13th March 2018, tweeted, “Niko Gauge. Niko Maji. Niko Keroro… How dare Nonini be waters while our rivers are drying up? Hata hana aibu,” went back to the five-year old tweet just to be in Nonini’s good books. He tweeted, “On a without prejudice basis, I wish to state that this is not my original work. I give credits to Nonini.”

Another user, @Ruxx, who, on 4th December 2013 had the nerve to mock Nonini’s looks on Twitter also scrambled to issue a quick apology. Quote tweeting the 10-year old tweet, he wrote,” Just want to tell Nonini that he didn’t actually look funny at all here.” 

Check out all the other hilarious reactions below.

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