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Kevin Mboya Introduces New Girl Days After His Heartbreaking Story – Nairobi Times



Kevin Mboya Introduces New Girl Days After His Heartbreaking Story – Nairobi Times

Internet sensation Kevin Mboya seems to have moved on days after a heartbreaking story with his Kwale based girlfriend.

Kevin Mboya shared a video hanging out with a beautiful girl. The two walked together holding hands and held a bouquet of fresh flowers.

In the video, the two walked towards a parked car and the girl carried a backpack. Fans speculated that the two were heading home after a day of hanging out.

The lady shared the video on her Instagram page and captioned it with Mboya’s name and a heart emoji.

” Kevin Mboya ☺️🤍.”

Kevin Mboya became an internet sensation after his tweet about his visit to Kwale to Surprise his girlfriend on her birthday went viral.

Forty-eight hours later, Kenyans  camped on Mboya’s page waiting for an update on how the birthday surprise ended.

Many  speculated that Mboya’s romantic gesture ended in premium tears. This wait united Kenyans on social media as they anxiously waited for him to speak.

Two days later, Mboya returned home with his bouquet of flowers, pain and a broken heart.

“Hi, guys… I’ve just come back home. Four days ago, I went to Kwale to see ‘mheshimiwa’. I went with flowers but I returned with them. Of course, this has to pass some message. I am not emotionally okay, but I cant say what happened. While leaving for Kwale, I went there with love but I have come back with room for more love. Thank you for your concern..more about what happened in Kwale, I will share it soon.”

Speaking in an interview, Kevin Mboya said he had known the girl for three years but they were in a two years relationship. He said that he would give love another chance but it would be with a person who understands what he went through.

Mboya dismissed claims that he created the story for clout adding that only those who have been in love would understand him.

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