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Khalwale, Kakamega tycoon feud explodes – Weekly Citizen



Kakamega senator Bonnie Khalwale engaged in harsh exchange with a prominent businessman whom he accused of grabbing a parcel of land.

Khalwale claimed the businessman, Cleophas Toto Shimanyula had grabbed the land adjacent to Bukhungu Stadium in Kakamega town.


He also accused a judge of the Court of Appeal of equally grabbing another parcel, again next to the stadium.

He said the trader had used his connections with the immediate former governor Wycliffe Oparanya to grab several pieces of land in the town, including the one next to the stadium.


“Toto and the judge grabbed those pieces of land which belong to the public and I am asking governor Fernandez Barasa to move fast and repossess them,” the senator claimed.

“The parcels were meant for the expansion of the stadium and must be reverted to the public,” he said.


But Shimanyula accused Khalwale of jealousy and that he legally acquired the piece of land from a fellow businessman of Asian origin.

“You are aware that I have never been in good terms with Khalwale for many years, and he is just jealous of my business acumen. He thinks I will call him to silence him with some cash,” the trader told the press in Kakamega town.

“Khalwale does not even own a toilet in this town and, thus, wonders how some of us made it,” he added.

He said he was the one who pushed for the renovation and expansion of the sports facility because it was the home ground of Kakamega Homeboyz football team which he owns.

“How can I be the same person to frustrate efforts to expand Bukhungu Stadium yet it serves as my team’s homeground?” he posed.

Shimanyula said he was in the process of putting up a modern five star hotel that would serve guests holding events at the facility and the general public.

He threatened to sue the senator

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