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Kikuyu Musician who Was Paid By ‘Hustler’ to Diss Uhuru Questioned By CIDs




Popular Kikuyu Musician Muigai Wa Njoroge was yesterday questioned by Investigation sleuths over his latest music dissing President Uhuru and the Kenyatta family.

Muigai wa Njoroge ruffled political feathers with the release of his music video Mbari ya Kimendero (The Greedy), which has gone viral.

He claims in the song that one family and close friends have benefited from the Mau Mau sweat to the detriment of the poor masses who have been reduced to paupers.

“The curse of Mau Mau still lives up to date, let the children of Mau Mau continue suffering,” Muigai warns in the song.

The song already has 130,000 views since it was uploaded five days ago.

“Oppressors must pay attention to what I am saying,” he says.

The song is believed to be in support for DP William Ruto comes weeks after another musician, Kimani wa Turacco, released the track, Hatuna Deni, ( We Owe No One Any Debt).

Njoroge’s viral hit is the first piece to openly criticise the status quo since former President Mwai Kibaki took over power in 2022.

It comes against the backdrop of murmurs that the ongoing political realignments are designed to preserve or benefit the famous political families and alienate ‘The Hustler’, as Ruto is called in a reference to his humble beginnings.

The musician dismisses the handshake, warning that the country is not on the right path. “Your death awaits you in India. You shall live and come back dead,” he sings, warning beneficiaries of the status quo that they will be diminished.


As if mocking the unity deal, Njoroge sings that for the poor masses “peace will be a story to you since you’ll never experience it.”

“You will go to India and come back dead,” he says, a euphemism to mean “die of cancer”.

He said no politician sponsored the song, but adds, “I have received threats because of some of my songs. Some [people] tell me I will not go far. But I don’t care. Nobody lives forever.”

Muigai said the song has been well received. “…people needed to hear this but no one has the guts to speak out. At least I have done it.”

He said his family is supportive, especially his wife “though they fear I may be arrested. But I told them I have just highlighted their acts.”

Muigai has also produced other scathing songs. In 2012, he together with Kamande wa Kioi and John Demathew were charged with propagating hate speech through their songs.

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