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Kitui man recovers KSh 5m he lost to Mombasa call girl ▷ Kenya News



A Kitui man on Saturday recovered his KSh 5 million saving he had for the past one year been setting aside to facilitate merry making during Christmas festivities.

The money had been swept away from his bank account during his six days visit to Mombasa to plan on how he will spend December holidays with his wife at the coastal city.

According to a source privy to the disappearance of the money, trouble began after the man sourced the services of a girl of the night to quench his thirst as he scouted for the best places he wanted to entertain his wife during the Christmas week.

“Kituku is a close friend and he does not lie to me. He told me that when he was in Mombasa he came across a fine lady whom he felt he even felt could make a nice second wife for him,” he intimated.

He added that Kituku had invested heavily in vast estates and he is very generous with flaunting and dishing out wads of cash during parties.

According to the informer, Kituku really wanted to change the life of girl but the unfortunate happened “baada ya kuwekewa mchele na mrembo kupata PIN ya Visa card.”

“Nataka kumbadilishia huyu dada maisha yake. Her beauty should be kept in a good house somewhere in Lavington,” Kituku told his neighbour on the phone.

But in a span of four days, the neighbour said that Kituku started complaining that he could not tress one of his debit cards.

He added that Kituku was in the process of acquiring a house for the call girl so that she can move from Mombasa to Nairobi.

The neighbour affirmed that Kituku had shown the call girl some of his savings and some of his bank account details.

“One of Kituku’s bank account that had 5 million savings for this festive season. This is the account that was swept clean by the woman,” the neighbour said.

He said that it took the intervention of his friend, a native doctor touted for his prowess in recovering stolen property for the cash to be redeemed and the lady nabbed.

The girl, according to the investor, was compelled to return the cash even before she s could enjoy it after daktari Ndumba wa Ndumba cursed a demonic spell on her.

She confessed to having been attacked and instructed by the invisible but ruthless agents to return the stolen money.

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