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KRA speeds up issuance of tax compliance certificates






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Kenyans will now receive Tax Compliance Certificates (TCCs) from the iTax portal after the Kenya Revenue Authority rolled out a self-service application process.

In a circular, KRA said the automatic issuance of the certificate will be subject to a clean tax record.

The taxman aims at aims at enhancing transparency and efficiency in the issuance of the crucial document.

The new process will significantly reduce the issuance timelines from a few days to minutes and save the citizens time taken to apply and wait for the document.

A TCC is a certificate issued by KRA to ascertain the tax compliance status of a taxpayer.


The certificate is valid for 12 months after which one is required to apply for renewal.

“With the simplified application process in place, there will no longer be intervention by KRA staff in the application and issuance of the document,” reads the statement.

Most of the citizens welcomed the rollout saying it will enhance the payment of tax.

The service which was launched in January 20, has seen KRA issue more than 15,000 TCCs, an indication of the new function’s high success rate.

KRA also announced that it was working to clear the pending TCC applications, which had been submitted prior to the rollout of the self-service application process.


Taxpayers who have outstanding tax liabilities will be required to clear their liabilities first or apply for a payment plan on iTax to clear their liabilities.

“Once the first instalment on the payment plan has been received, the applicants will be required to reapply for a TCC for approval,” added the KRA statement.

Apart from payment of taxes, another key tenet of tax compliance is filing of tax returns within the required timelines as outlined in the respective tax acts.

KRA urged taxpayers to ensure that they file their returns accordingly as failure to do so amounts to non-compliance.

The authority said it was open to helping the citizens comply with the constitutional duty to pay their taxes and advised taxpayers whose application are rejected on the basis of outstanding debts and the taxpayer disagrees with the liability shown to contact KRA for assistance.

“Our countrywide offices and all KRA desk at Huduma centres across the country would be open for further assistance and guidance.”

In the past, KRA has come under sharp criticism from the tax payers on the slow processing of their applications which has seen long queues form at their regional offices

However, the agency reiterated its commitment to enhance its systems for better service delivery.


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