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Kwani wamerudiana? Video of Eric Omondi and Chantal getting cozy in bed ignites mixed reactions





Eric and Chantal Grazioli

A video of Eric Omondi and his ex-girlfriend Chantal Grazioli in bed together has left many speculating that they’re back together.

In the video posted online by the ex lovebirds, Eric and Chantal are enjoying Aiyana, a song featuring Otile Brown and Sanaipei Tande as they caress each other.

Chantal’s beauty products are scattered all over the bed.

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Eric Omondi shared the video advertising his ex-lover’s business to his 2.5 million followers.

Chanty’s Beauty products has a special Valentines delivery offer,’ he posted.

Chantal also reshared the video calling upon customers to purchase her products.


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Below are reactions from their fans

minnahfakihi Amkeni amkeni wamerudiana tena huku.

seanbetsy Hiyo sio friend zone at all?.

joewmuchiri Itabidi nime rudiana na ex wangu pia.

akotheekenya Nee kik wachwanyre wuon toto , valentines is here, sitaki heartbreaks ???????, I hope and wish it’s just business.

kagwe_murugu Confuse us…You are our politicians.

jeffallanis Fanya hio mchezo tu alafu usipewe vitu??

sassy_nimo She wise ?she know with Eric’s 2.5 million when he advertises her she be rich????hit it from the back @ericomondi

wizzieofficial Erico ndio maana unanona kuumbe amerudi.

yonderyolander Hawa hawawezi wachana.

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nyomindi_ferdie Walidhani ati mumeachana, heri wangejuwa, vile long distance relationships huendanga??it’s only for the chosen few??.

jacintainenga Sasa hiyo ndio advertisement ya Chanty beauty products au? wamnyandus.

valentine.kemunto Si unatuconfuse Eric.

nancybae4 ???? They never break up.


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