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Kylie, 20, Expecting a Baby Girl with New Boo Travis Scott!



By Katherine ‘Kart Chat’ Zark.

September 22nd 2017

Wow! We never saw that coming! As if the Kardashian Klan aren’t always hitting us with the biggest blows!! The Internet is going crazy over the reveal of reality television star Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy claims. Multiple sources have confirmed the great news and are stating that 20-year old Kylie is due in February of 2018 and that she is really excited! There’s nothing like the excitement knowing you are bringing life into this world, right? It is said that 25-year old rapper Travis Scott and Kylie were always joking around about pregnancy with close friends, but we want to know if this is really true—Even if their friends assumed they were joking, how far along is the model in her pregnancy? According to TMZ, Kylie and Scott already know the gender of the baby!! What a way to hide that secret from us Kylie? I can tell you one thing, the Kardashian empire is growing rapidly and from all over, from Blac Chyna, to Kims’ surrogate, and now Kylie and Travis Scott! Kris, I can assume it is okay to call you “grandma” now right?

There is just one thing I want to know…Is it just me, or is anyone still getting over the split between Kylie and hip-hop rapper boyfriend Tyga, earlier this year? You have to admit, “Kyga” were the cutest couple ever! Oh, how I loved their cute couple photos and cute videos. But, Kylie didn’t you two just split earlier this year? Hey, I guess it’s safe to say Travis is providing some good loving because their relationship is sprouting fast! I am for it! Now between Travis Scott touring and working on his music and Kylie’s public life I don’t know how raising the child will turn out, but I wish nothing but the best for the new couple and can’t wait to see baby Kylie come February!! In the meantime, we will be sitting back guessing the name of future Baby Kylie, the Kardashians never seize to amaze us with their wonderful creations of baby names!


The Writer is a Student at Texas Women’s University and a Mark-up artist.

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