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Ladies Mmesoma Hii? Annoying things you should not ask your man



In relationships there are statements that we at times say that might upset our spouses. It can lead to fights, that sadly results in break ups.

1. Talking about your Ex

Talking about your ex whether it’s good or bad, shows your man that you’re still not over them. Furthermore it really turns them off especially because it looks like your comparing your ex to your current man.

Also you would not want him to compare you to his exes.

2. Asking him when you will meet again after the first date

It’s OK to have had a really good time after the first date, but when you notice that he has not hinted about a second date, do not ask him yourself.

This can mean that he’s not convinced or sure about you yet.

A man who is interested in you will definitely hint at a second date. so ladies, let’s avoid the embarrassment and be patient instead.

3. Asking him how many women he has been with in the past

You may not know what exactly happened in his past relationships and asking him about it may just trigger some unwanted memories and insecurities. So let’s avoid that path.

4. Negative comments his family

This is crucial especially if your man is close with his family.

If you have issues with any of his family member it is better to solve it among your self than bad mouthing him.

5. Asking your man if you are ‘fat’

Men take this as a trick question because they are not sure what exact answer to give.

If they say yes, women can be easily offended and if they said no, women feel like they have not given any attention to them. It is better to avoid this question because it always leads to fights.

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