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Ladies, Ukipendwa Pendeka- Playing Hard to get is Childish and Must end in 2018



Conventional , self decorated relationship experts aver that women relish in being pursued like an elusive ambition.

I disagree.

It is 2018 folks, the fairer sex changes car tyres, picks tabs and in not so uncommon scenarios, proposes. Women are increasingly aware of what they want, how and when they want it. Days when girls indulged in the little dance that goes in circles is yore.

Our hands are full; from strutting in a man’s world and trying to cut a niche while at it, learning how to pout, striving to be cerebrally at par with or above  the opposite sex , courting emancipation and independence both financial and from the shackles of a patriarchal society, we barely have time to practice being aloof because some menopausal expert somewhere thinks it is the surest way to get a man’s nod.  We cut to the chase.

It goes without saying that as modern young women, we have eschewed bland crap scribbled in glossy Magazines which scream ‘ten reasons why you should play hard to get’ and instead have thrown them under the propeller of disapproval as nothing less than balderdash coated as relationship advice.

Lads, if she is plying hard to get, chances are she does not share your attraction. Move on and aim for the next kill.

My personal opine on the whole razzmatazz of ‘playing hard to get’ is that it amounts to being intentionally annoying, juvenile and disrespectful not to mention that it is a waste of valuable time and many ‘woke’ young women are alive to this fact.

Indulge me, we all know how it plays out- women who play the game  express interest but never commit to an actual date; they break plans at the last minute; they act like they are into you but never want to make the relationship official; or they spend time with you but always have an excuse when it comes to the chance to have some private -intimate-couple time.

So if your good morning text is replied 8 hours later with a ‘hi, just seen this, have a good day,’ with  a thundering dismissive undertone in every word; or if she is kind enough to tell you, ‘look, I love you but with Agape love , the way Christ loves the church and I am really glad to be your friend…’ Dude, the message is clear, do not misconstrue it as playing mind games, she is not into you.

A woman will take a few seconds to decipher if you are worth her number and one date to know she does not mind waking up next to you.

Even if she is in a meeting with the Secret Service, she will respond to your text if she likes you, any recurring excuse of how busy she is is a polite way of telling you to respect yourself and move on.

See, young women are no longer cowed by societal stigma and chauvinistic tag like ‘cheap, easy lay’, bla bla that informed acting disinterested in order to stir a chase

Today’s woman is emotionally intelligent  and knows when you amount to nothing much than a lay or if you are someone worth a relationship. In the same breath, she can comfortably indulge you knowing your intention is get her between the sheets and if the sexual chemistry is mutual, she fathoms only too well  that procrastinating the inevitable in the name of playing hard to get will not make you stay after hitting the honey jar.

Thus, if she wants to nothing more than moments of passion, she will invite you over or drop hints subtle or conspicuous on what she wants and the same goes if she is willing to be ensnared into something long term with you and will not waste time. We go for it.

That is it gentlemen, don’t sell yourself short by waiting on something that may never happen.

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