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Lawyer in battle to have child DNA tested : The Standard



Lawyer in battle to have child DNA tested.

A Nakuru-based lawyer is accusing a woman of failing to present a minor for DNA to ascertain the paternity of the four-year-old.

Through lawyer Owen Magata in a suit filed in a Nakuru court, RKK claims despite requesting the woman, ECC, several times, she persistently refused or ignored his requests.
RKK, in the suit, admits he had a brief liaison with ECC some time in 2014 and in 2015. The woman gave birth to a minor and alleges that RKK was the biological father.
He claims the woman, in a bid to extort money from him, has been using gutter press, advocates, the police, Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya, the Rift Valley Law Society of Kenya and the Children’s Department to harass him. The bodies, he claims, have made attempts to compel him to acquire parental responsibility for the minor.
Her actions
The woman, through her actions, the lawyer states, has taunted, harassed and publicly embarrassed him. He claims he has undergone psychological torture as a result of her actions.
He further states that he is ready and willing to take up parental responsibility of the minor if the alleged paternity is confirmed by way of DNA.
“It is within my knowledge that the defendant ECC and I had a very brief liaison some time in the year 2014 or thereabout, and I verily believe that I did not impregnate the defendant as a result of the said liaison,” stated RKK.
Issue orders
RKK wants the court to issue orders compelling the woman to present the minor at Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital or any other facility as the court may deem fit for purposes of DNA test.
He also wants the court to issue permanent injunction orders barring the woman from taunting, abusing, harassing, publicly embarrassing and subjecting him to psychological torture on account of alleged paternity.
Documents attached to the suit indicate that the lawyer has been fighting to have the minor subjected to DNA test since 2016.
The lawyer, on September 19, 2016, responded to a letter by the mother of the child demanding upkeep money.
In the letter dated September 15, 2016, ECC stated that the lawyer, on September 14, called her to his office to receive Sh5,000 to buy clothing for the child.
However, the lawyer assaulted her and did not give her the money.

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