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Leaked! Video vixen, Quinter exposes singer Weezdom´s philandering ways [audios]



The push and pull goes on and on between gospel singer, Weezdom and his ex who exposed him over STIs, Quinter.

The lass has sworn to expose the singer for his crude ways and for blatantly denying even when he was busy cheating with other ladies.

In a couple of leaked audio recordings, Quinter and Weezdom are heard conversing about their meetups and how the lady will get access to immediate medical treatment for the STIs.

Weezdom sends over some Ksh 1,500 to Quinter so that she can purchase the prescribed medication.

The ¨Block¨ singer expresses sympathy to his then girlfriend for what she is going through and they settled on it.

However, in an audio of a leaked conversation between the two, Weezdom outrightly denied having infected Quinter in any way. According to him, he has never had anything like that.

In a recent conversation between Quinter and Ghafla! Kenya, Quinter revealed that Weezdom is a player whose number of girls, she remains unaware about.

The lass states that they dated for roughly 5 and a half months before she discovered that Weezdom has a side chic yet to be identified and she did not like it.

Quinter calls out Weezdom as a ´cheat´

So Quinter had to leave because she believed she gave Weezdom what he wanted but his greed was just way too much for them to settle.

Weezdom is however yet to respond to the allegations thrown his way. Meanwhile, listen in:


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