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Lessons for Kenya from Singapore’s economic take-off



Lessons for Kenya from Singapore’s economic take-off

Singapore is a remarkable success story. Once a poor country with limited resources, it has transformed itself into one of the world’s wealthiest and most developed economies.

The Kenyan government can learn a lot from Singapore’s growth and adopt some of its strategies to steer the country to prosperity.

First off, the Kenyan government should adequately invest in education. That is how the Southeast Asian country managed to develop a highly skilled workforce. 

Kenya needs to do the same to spur economic growth. It should prioritise training programmes to equip its citizens with the skills they need to succeed in the global economy.

Secondly, the Kenyan government should encourage foreign investment. Singapore has been successful in attracting foreign investment, which has helped to spur economic growth.

To that end, Kenya should create a favourable business environment. This could include tax incentives, streamlined regulations and a stable political environment.

Thirdly, the Kenyan government should invest in infrastructure. Singapore has invested heavily in transportation, housing and telecommunications. 

Kenya should include in its development priorities the construction of roads, bridges, airports and ports, to facilitate the movement of goods and people.

Fourthly, the Kenyan government should promote innovation. 


Singapore has a strong culture of innovation and has created an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Kenya should formulate policies and come up with programmes geared towards enhancing innovation and entrepreneurship. 

This could include providing funding and resources for research and development, as well as creating a supportive regulatory environment for start-ups.

Finally, the Kenyan government should build strong institutions. 

Singapore has built strong institutions that are transparent, efficient and effective. Kenya needs to do the same to create a stable and predictable business environment. 

The country should strengthen the judiciary, law enforcement and regulatory agencies, to create a level playing field for all businesses.

By adopting some of the Southeast Asian country’s strategies for economic growth and development, Kenya can create a more dynamic and prosperous economy that benefits all its citizens. 

In summary, education, foreign investment, infrastructure, innovation and strong institutions hold the key to sustainable economic growth and development. 

Mr Maraba is an MSc Management and Leadership student at the University of Pecs, Hungary. [email protected]

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