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Let leaders end squabbles | Nation



Let leaders end squabbles | Nation

Kenya is more important and bigger than individuals who want to prove they are ‘already there’. Rich, powerful and famous while the ordinary mwananchi is suffering.

The tug-of-war and push and pull is a big shame for two Big Brothers who, have forsaken the national interest.

They forget what this country is going through. We have become beggars as they fight for supremacy. Kenya faces hunger that threatens the bread baskets and regions that had never before begged for food.

What we are witnessing is a very dangerous game for a county that wants to entrench democracy and the rule of law. The elections came and went and they are no longer an issue that the ordinary mwananchi wants to dwell on.

Move on

The Opposition has to move on and wait to fight another day. The ruling party has to sober up from the campaign stupor and claim their place as a government in power and show Kenyans that they deserve to be in leadership, not engage in trivialities. That is horribly wrong.

We need serious leadership. One that will move away from trying to show the world who can draw crowds while the other Kenyans suffer. Many brilliant students who performed very well in last year’s exams cannot join Form One for lack of funds.

Kenyans are dying from hunger as a result of drought. This as the political leaders flex their muscles in meetings that mean little to the mwananchi.

Leadership is all about nationalism and patriotism. That is why our Founding Fathers said ‘No’ to colonialism. President Ruto and Mr Odinga should be patriotic and see the bigger picture. The Supreme Court ruled on the elections; let’s accept the decision and move on. Beyond the braggadocio and chest-thumping, Kenya remains the treasure.

Kenyans need time to heal, reflect and focus on their lives. Sadly, the leaders are not addressing that

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